Wow…. Stranger checking in….

So my failed attempt at blogging. Here I am two…. YES TWO….. years after I started this big elaborate plan to be a hard core blogger, wife extraordinaire…. man have I been slacking. SO many things have changed for this family I cant even handle.

I should first start off by saying that we are no longer in the Air Force, so I guess I should see about changing that title of my blog…. *sigh* add it to the list.

Hubby and I relocated BACK to the states (boy does it feel good I must say). and we are *somewhat* near [my]family. I’m not sure that we were quite cut out for Germany and its lifestyle, but all the same we are lucky to have had the opportunity to go, sad for the Air Force budget cuts, but grateful for where we are now.

In the time that I’ve been MIA… (which I still can’t get over, shameful really) we have managed to relocate our lives cross country again, purchase a house, get new jobs, oh, and BIRTH THE MOST AMAZING CHILD THAT HAS EVER LIVED. Our baby girl was brought into this world this past February, 2015, and she has lit up every single day of our lives since. I suppose I could transform my blog from a wife blog, to a “mommy” blog. That’s a popular thing right? mom blogs? of course it is.

I wont go too far on my first day back. mostly because I don’t want to get so deep into bragging about my child that you all want to throw up or just simply click that little x in your upper right hand corner of your computer and never look back. For now, I will do a very small [with much restraint] photo update.

.... .. .




BROOKS – On the BALL….

It has been some time since a posted, but i guess i’ve been stressing instead of blogging! Whoopsies….

Well the title of this post, is now the new turn of phrase the hubby and I use when we feel accomplished. And right now, BROOKS are definitely on the ball. Might i just take a moment though to commend J on his hard work over there so far, a midst my incessant nagging for him to have everything ready for me and the pups 🙂 .

As you know the Mr. left for Germany already —-insert tear here—- and has been busy busy trying to get everything ready for me to come in…. 16 days!!  seems so close yet so far away!

We have  house people!!!!!! as far as i know we have the lease signed and now is just waiting for final housing paperwork to go through. Might i just say that finding a place was no easy feat. Apparently in Germany they a) don’t believe in yards, and b) do not want to rent to people with dogs; let alone TWO dogs… After becoming glued to… as most of you are familiar with, i was able to find a place for the hubs to look at that is right next to downtown Kaiserslautern, but surprisingly is in a quite, isolated area. Can you say lucky!?

From what i can tell, our house is situated at the top of a small hill, with a private driveway and lush trees and greenery to keep it secluded. We have a total of ONE neighbor, a couple, i believe is a relative of our landlord, so i think i can handle that. AND not only all that BUT… its got a walking trail, near a local tennis club, jazz bar not too far for the hubs, and an [extended] stone’s throw away from the rest of the downtown area. It is right next to the Vogelweh Base (approx. 5 minutes to the gym, commissary, BX etc.) so we will be able to use these facilities, and the hubs only has to drive about 13 minutes to work at Ramstein. I can’t believe we found this gem!

Only draw back, is that the yard is not fenced, and there is no way to really put up a fence.. so we have our options of a) hoping the dogs don’t run away, b) getting them long outside leashes and affixing them to a tree somewhere out there… or c) getting an electronic fence of sorts… .. Now me being me, and never having a yard of my own yet, i would like to go with option a… however if you know my dog Jax…. you will know this is not an option. so i would prefer to go with the more reasonable option c. I don’t want to go through the hassle of getting an underground electric fence put in.. so i found this “wireless pet fence” that may work…. the dogs have to wear collars but the wireless transmitter broadcasts a permit-able area of our choosing and if the dogs get near it, their collars will beep, and then eventually give them a slight shock. Now i know i know.. shock collars. judge me all you want but they are not as bad as everyone thinks they are! they are quite helpful, and i personally think once the dogs get the hang of their boundaries, it will be better than having them get all tangled and tied up on their leashes outside.

I’m open to all other suggestions for pet fence-type ideas..  If anyone has better ideas i’d love to hear them!

Here are some pictures of the place… it is SOOOOO big we are going to have to get creative to figure out what to do with all these extra rooms and the 1900 sq feet of awesomeness! 🙂   (i swear these pictures don’t seem to do it justice)…

image image (1) image (2) image (3) image (4) image (5)

Help… man i’m slow

Ok so this post is for you fellow bloggers out there who know what the hell your doing….. I want to have all these cute little pages but let’s take a look at mine shall we.. yup. they look retarded. How do you post onto your pages without having to “edit” the existing post? i suppose i could let it keep looking like a four year old made it back in 1999… but in the alternative any tips would be appreciated. I’m normally super tech savvy but apparently i’ve met my mt. everest… 

Feels like I’m missing something….


So, As we are PCSing in T-minus: 27 days for the hubby and 52 days for me….. EEEK! I can’t help but feel like I’m not prepared enough.

Being a first timer, I can’t really be sure that I in fact, have everything in line, despite my tedious and repetitious efforts. I’ve got the movers coming, Hubby has gotten info for his car for me to ship, flights booked, house hunting started/fingers crossed for ONE in particular…., shots and health certificates lined up for the pups, downsized my closet (best i could), researched the new base, and most importantly, finished preparing my glorious “PCS binder”, complete with colored tab dividers to organize every piece of paper in our possession associated with the move.

Now begs the question, what else do I need to do?! There HAS to be more…. cuz I know its not going to be as easy as it seems. Can anyone think of any last minute things I should be doing? I might actually go crazy if I just have to sit and stare at the wall till my flight date arrives…. NEED BUSY WORK!


Airline Booked!

ImageWelp! our flights are booked for myself and our two pups. Yay!  Because i have to drop J’s car off at the “car shipping place” in Seattle, i will just fly out from there, which actually worked out pretty well. after some finagling on departure times, trying to get a flight when it was the coolest out, we finally got ‘er done. Our new baby boxer Niko , being a “snub nosed breed” makes him susceptible to breathing complications in flight, and in fact, if the temp gets over 75 degrees, the airline will not even take them. So fingers crossed its a cooler night on the 30th!! otherwise we are basically screwed. I also found it quite funny that the tickets for the pups were more expensive than mine was. go figure. The only pain about the flight i booked, is that i will be waiting at the airport after the fact, to catch the flight TO germany, (the one the AF set up) for about 10 HOURS…. so…. WTF does a girl do with two dogs and their huge kennels for that long? no. idea. should be interesting to say the least.

Also, i’ve been debating taking my TVs to Germany. Yes i know, completely off topic; like i care. I can’t seem to decide one way or another on taking them or selling them. It seems like a lot of people just say not to bring them, as they may not work properly with the different changes in frequency and voltage in Europe. Others say with the right adapter, and if its a newer model, it should hold up just fine. Anyone have any insight onto this?

Things are slowly starting to come together!

Staying optimistic… obviously easier said than done..

WARNING: Venting session, yes its long, and drawn out, but isn’t that what a blog is essentially for..? that’s right, venting. begin:

So in going into this, I don’t know why, but I thought WE would be different; WE would be the exception to the always expected flaws of the military. Now, Although of course stressed, at the same time, I can really only chuckle at my once naive thoughts.

As I posted last, we received our orders. YAY! so then the fun begins of trying to organize our flights, and travel itinerary. Well. you would think, ok easy enough. get a flight. boom. your there. NOT…

One word. DOGS. now, don’t get me wrong, i will do anything for my pets, but boy do they complicate things… back to that later.

Our first order of business was to schedule our move dates. Hubby called over to schedule. BOOM. dates made. easy. On to the next thing, arrange our departure date out of Baltimore; called. boom. we thought we were golden. wrong.

Apparently, we did not in fact get our flight confirmed…. and long story short, no more flight space available for us and our 2 DOGS. so…. big deal, just get on the next flight you say? well of course. sign us up!…. well… not so fast! apparently the next available space wasn’t until… drum roll please……. the date J has to report by. F&%!

What does this mean? well.. this ladies and gentleman means that J will need to leave before me, in order to report by his order date in time. so THIS lady, will have to travel to a foreign country… by herself, because we have to get these DOGS on this flight.  GAH>>>>>……. can you just envision a short little lady, traipsing through multiple airports, with oodles of luggage, and TWO (LARGE) DOG kennels…. trying to stay on time, meanwhile the hubby has to just hop a plane and BAM. he’s there. Did i mention that additionally, we found out that i will have to drive our car to Seattle to drop it off to ship it overseas? Yup. gotta do that too. by myself. with the DOGS. Alone.

Well. I had to cry just a little when this news came, as this task seemed so daunting to me. then I had to play a little pity me party with myself for the remainder of the day. Why cant we all go together? as a family. Why do I now have to do this ALONE? Why is the AF not more accommodating? I thought we were going to have this fun traveling adventure, just us, flying for the first time together, getting drool on each other’s shoulders as we travel side by side etc.

Why can’t things just go right this ONE TIME….why why why….. wah wah wah…..!

Being that it’s now the day after, I’ve had some time to reflect, and evaluate my “naive thoughts” I had referenced at the beginning.  ——- Megan, what made you think you were so special? This is not the end of the world. Everyone who has to PCS usually ALWAYS has a horror story, problems arise, everything changed last minute, etc. WELCOME TO THE MILITARY.

And then it hit me, and I feel as though iIve almost “made it” (so to speak) as a military wife now. Experiencing the unpleasantness of relocating.

Well now that I’ve had time to accept all that is going around me, I can now plan and prepare for what I will need to do as a key player in our first PCS. This is MY important role now, being strong, and being able to do things that I might not want to do or feel comfortable with. Everything I do now is for my new family. and therefore it is worth it. so no time to sit and sulk. I mean, whats the point of that really? NOTHING. exactly.

So cue me, getting my act together. STAYING POSITIVE. planning. and planning. and preparing for the worst. I will tackle one thing at a time, and do MY PART in this situation. That is my only option as far as i’m concerned. So I better start now.





So… just a little tidbit for the day:

  1. We received our official orders today and …. drumroll please…. I’M ON THEM!!! yay!!… finally I can breathe a bit.. at least for now.
  2. ……… looks like we inadvertently are staying for 4 years instead of 3…. WHOOPS!

Yea… so when J signed up way back when, he opted for the extended overseas stay “option” or however you word that… Pair that with my tagging along as a dependent and YUP. There you go.. 4 years. haha needless to say we were both surprised, as we had not even anticipated that. We both kind of looked at eachother and went.. “wait…. say whaaaaaaaat?”

O well…. more European fun, right? Guten Tag!